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2009-09-23 16:41:04 by matrix5565

Well, it's far from news, but it's definitely worth mentioning anyway. If any of you are into Guitar Hero/Rock Band then there is a great site available for playing an endless library of songs online. It's called Jam Legend. They let you embed songs as well, (although NG doesn't). The site has an extremely diverse library, ranging from Canon Rock to Keyboard Cat; and the library continues to expand every day.

This site is by far the best GH/RB clone available online, and it's totally free. What do you think?


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2009-09-27 10:09:16

Ever heard of flash flash revolution? You might like it!

matrix5565 responds:

I have actually, it's a pretty good Flash DDR clone.


2009-09-27 15:04:18

I dreamed of something like this, but I had no idea it existed! :D

matrix5565 responds:

Yeah, most Flash versions of GH/RB are terrible.


2009-09-29 09:14:46


Just listen to my music.

matrix5565 responds:

Um, OK?


2009-09-29 19:25:54

Okay Devin, now set the C4 timer on your microwave for 30 seconds,run away and pretend that we never met.

matrix5565 responds:



2010-03-29 18:04:42

Nice to see I'm not just one of two North Carolinians around here. I'm in the Piedmont, how about you?

matrix5565 responds:

I live about 200 miles west of you.