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Very realistic blubber simulation! I thought I was watching a live action thriller for at least 15 minutes! The only problem with this animation was it's script; I just think that a real person would have said something different.

Rucklo responds:

whatever you're having, i want it too :O


Good job, but honestly, I didn't notice any real difference in graphical quality during the movie. Good luck with your tablet!

Oh, and by the way:
Are you the guy that asked for the fire igniting sound on the forum the other day?

fluffkomix responds:

thats mainly cuz i only used the tablet for the lip syncing halfway thru and the ripping up the paper part. everything you saw was pretty much my old graphics which i was too lazy to redo.

and yes. yes i was.


The only problem that I had with your flash could have been solved simply by taking "awesome" out of the title. The name implies that it will be as fast paced as the other Awesomes. Nonetheless I enjoyed watching this!

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Phobotech responds:

Duely noted! I've vowed, ever since the day I submitted this, that I'd never do another "Awesome-Parody" ever again. But I'm really glad you liked it! Thanks!

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Looks OK, but Lacks Most Important Factor

You obviously put effort into this game, and it's presently fairly well, but it isn't fun. I wasn't engaged and I wasn't entertained. Your game didn't "grab" me and it lost my attention quickly. Lastly, the sound was terrible, I muted my computer pretty much immediately.

fjgamer responds:

Fair enough. I hope the next game suits you better.


Although simple, that was a very enjoyable game. WouldPlayAgain/10

Not Bad

Not bad at all. However, I didn't really like the backgrounds myself, and the game will glitch if the ball hits the paddle directly in the side (I had the same problem when I published my flash Pong, it isn't hard to fix at all). It was fun.

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I generally don't write audio reviews, but I'm pretty surprised this song didn't fair better than it did. It was well written, very funny, and catchy. It kind of reminds me of Jonathon Coulton because of its humouress, lyric-driven nature. Hope to see you upload a few more songs!

CountBoogie responds:

Thanks man, my other songs are good but they are not about Newgrounds, so I am unsure if I should upload them. Thanks for the review dude.


Nice song, it makes for great back ground music; I included it in my game.
Too bad the game got a terrible score :/

Saigon responds:

wow thanks for including it in your game :D
I played it not a bad concept thought.
Glad you liked it :)

Absolutely Incredible

This is some of the best work I've heard on the portal. It's a real masterpiece. I hope you're still active on NG and the AP!

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That looks great, some of the best work I've seen on the portal! How long did this take you?

Hoboweasel responds:

About an hour or so... I can't really tell when I'm drawing... :/
It seemed like it was a really quick drawing compared to some of my other work though. Thanks for the compliment too, lol xD

Fallout Rocks

Nice job, It looks a lot like the actually Fallout 3 design.

Nice Stuff

That looks incredible, did you do the medals ad too?

Catoblepas responds:

Why, yes I did.

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