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2009-09-23 16:41:04 by matrix5565

Well, it's far from news, but it's definitely worth mentioning anyway. If any of you are into Guitar Hero/Rock Band then there is a great site available for playing an endless library of songs online. It's called Jam Legend. They let you embed songs as well, (although NG doesn't). The site has an extremely diverse library, ranging from Canon Rock to Keyboard Cat; and the library continues to expand every day.

This site is by far the best GH/RB clone available online, and it's totally free. What do you think?

New Game Within a Day

2009-07-27 21:20:52 by matrix5565

I'm finishing up a game, Now You Jump. it should be finished tonight. Basically, the object of the game is to stay alive for as long as possible by jumping from one moving platform to another. It features both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes and leaderboards. Be sure to give it a play if you have some spare time!

EDIT -- It's finished, give it a play!

Working on a Game -- Need Artist

2009-06-26 18:54:13 by matrix5565

Well, I'm working on a game called Asteroid Field. You can view a very early prototype here. It's pretty much just a helicopter game with a space theme. But I'm coming up with some interesting ships, powerups, and debris to work in the game. The problem is that I suck with art and the likes, so I need someone to do it for 40-50% of what it sells or gets sponsored for, and any ad revenue that it makes. If you are an artist, and are willing to take part or know someone who is, send me a PM, comment, or bid here.

-- EDIT --
I have found an artist, keep an eye out for the game in the future!